White Ghost


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Description: Euphorbia lactea WHITE (or “Grey”) GHOST is a a striking and very popular cultivar lacking in most of the chlorophyll bearing tissues of it’s green counter part. This Euphorbia doesn’t even look like a real plant and has an overall creamy white or greyish coloration. Triangular stems grow in dense candelabra form with distinctive silhouette and grow up to over 3 metres. Very good in dry indoor situations, it is a much hardier plant than usually listed that does fine on its own roots. It and can also be grown outdoors in warmer climate even to full sun, though probably morning sun would be the most ideal situation. It is a relatively slow grower, at least compared to the ‘regular’ form of Euphorbia lactea It is a beautiful plant that makes an incredible landscape plant.
Referred to as a “variegated” “sport” or “chimeral” variantit it can be defined as a plant varying from the “norm” that usually shows some small green patch interpretable as a reversion back to the green standard form.


White Ghost


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