The Swiss cheese plant / Monstera adansonii with black pot


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  • The Swiss cheese plant (Monstera adansonii)With huge, glossy, dark green leaves, Monstera deliciosa, also known by its common name “Swiss cheese plant,” is a striking addition to any room. It’s a woody vine that grows in the tropics of North and South America, where it can reach 70 feet tall. But it’s also a popular houseplant because it’s generally unfussy and has few pests or diseases. Its gorgeous leaves, which develop holes that give it its whimsical name, may grow up to three feet wide! It’s a great plant for newbies and experienced plant people alike.

The Swiss cheese plant (Monstera adansonii)

The Swiss cheese plant is notoriously easy to care for, and it loves to climb. The plant has aerial roots growing downward from the stem, which brace against the ground or any available support. In the wild, it will use these roots to push itself up onto an adjoining tree or woody vine. When growing it as a houseplant, you can simulate this by inserting a stake in the center of its pot. Providing regular water and food will be your main care task with this plant. You also might need to do some maintenance pruning to keep the plant at your desired size.

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